Alone on a desert island – 30 points !!!!!

Most of us have talked about this in our English class. You are stuck on a deserted island. You have a total of 30 points to spend.  Please choose carefully.

Write a comment, explaining what you have chosen, and why…

Water – 10 points

2 sheep – 10 points

Carrot seeds – 5 points

1 dog – 10 points

1 lighter – 5 points

1 chicken – 5 points

Another person – 25 points

A gun – 10 points

A fishing rod – 5 points

A torch (flashlight) – 10 points

10 books – 10 points

10 movies – 10 points

Extra clothes – 10 points

A small boat – 10 points

A knife – 10 points


33 pensamientos en “Alone on a desert island – 30 points !!!!!

  1. I have chosen: two sheep (10 points)because they can give you hot with the wool and milk and they can reproduce, also they can do you company. And I have chosen water to drink(10 points) and a gun to kill animals (10 points)

  2. I have chosen, the two sheep because they can reproduice, and because you can have wool, to make clothes, i can have cheese, milk, and meat.
    Then i get the knife, because you can cut the meat, the wool ect…
    Finaly i get 10 movies because you’re in on eisland alone and then you can see movies, to not bored.
    2 Sheep is 10, 10 movies is, 10 points and one knife is, 10 points = 30 points.
    And these are the things I have chosen to be on a desert island.

  3. Hello,
    I had chosed this things:
    1 lighter, 5 points
    A fishing road 5 points
    A knife , 10 points
    wáter ,10 points
    I chose the lighter so I can get fire.
    I chose a fishing road so I can get food,
    I chose a knife , so i can cut things or take the skin of the fish…
    And finaly I get water so I can drink something.
    That’s all!!!!

  4. I have chosen:
    Coconuts,5 points: I choose the coconuts, because I can drink the milk of the coconut, and is more cheap tan water.
    2 sheep, 10 points: I also choose the sheep because they can reproduce and have a farm, and have: milk, cheese, wool and meat.
    Chiken, 5 points: I also choose the chicken for eat, and have eggs.
    Lighter, 5 points: I also choosethe lighter, for have light at the night.
    And finaly, the fishing rod, 5 points: And also the fishing rod for have fish.

  5. There were a lot of things to chose, but i’ve chosen this ones:

    -2 sheeps (to have wool and more clothes, to reproduce them, to have cheese and to have milk)
    -A gun to kil animals and then eat them.
    -1 ligther to see when it’s all dark or when i’m in a kave.
    -Carrod seeds to have even more food and give to the sheeps so they can continiu a live

  6. I have chose:
    1. Water for have something to drink 10 points.
    2. A dog for give me company and help me to find things 10 points.
    3.Carrot seeds for have food 5 points.
    4. A chicken for gave me eegs.

  7. I think:
    1. Boat to return to my country. 10 points
    2. Water for drink, thats important!!!!. 10 points
    3. Chicken for eggs and when she is old, I can kill she and eat it. 5 points
    4. fishing rod for fishing fishes and eat it when I´m returning to my country with the small boat. 5 points

  8. I have chose:
    2 sheep because they can reproduce and I can
    have milk, meet and some clothes with the wool.
    1 gun because I can kill a dangerous animal, I
    can used that because the bullets are ilimitated.
    1 knife for cut the meet and for hunt an animal,
    and also with the knife I can cut a cane and make
    a lance.

  9. I think the better chooses in the island are:
    Water=10 with any water you can´t live.
    2 sheeps=10 the sheeps can reproduce you can have milk, meat, and wool for warmth.
    Knife=10 to cut the animals and the plants. To get fruits and to do a house.

  10. I choose water, knife and books. Water because i need to drink some thing. Knife to protect and cut some thing and books to not bored and mabie get some information to servive.

  11. 2 sheep – 10 points because i can have wole and meat
    water-10 because ALL the peole needs water
    knife-10 for cut something and protect.

  12. I will take : – water- 10💰( to drink)
    – 2 sheeps – 10💰 ( to eat and have cheese and milk)
    – a fishing rod -5💰( to go fishing)
    – carrot seeds – 5💰( to cultivate and recollect)

  13. i choose:
    2 sheeps because the can reproduce and the i can eat them and take milk.
    a knife because i can cut trees and if i cut trees i can build a house or do fire or take coconuts for drink milk and water.
    1 lighter to burn trees and have fire to be hot
    carrot seeds to eat other things than sheeps and to be healthy

  14. i choose:
    A gun,a litle boat and water because if i take the boat i can go away of the island with a gun i can catch animals to eat and with the water i can drink.

  15. I have choose:
    1) Water for drink (10 points)
    2) The knife, to cut fruits… (10 points)
    3) Fishing rod, to catch fish (5 points)
    4) The lighter, to can see during the night/mindnight (5 points)

  16. I have chosen a dog because is a very good animal of company and because is very nice.
    I have chosen a knife for cut the food that catch on the island.
    I buy a gun because is an animal comes “shark”… come an attack’s me and with the gun i can protect.

  17. I have chosen:
    -Water, because it´s impossible to live without it.
    -Fishing rod, because I could catch fish every day.
    -Carrot seeds, because I could plant them and have lots of carrots.
    -2 sheep, because they produce milk,cheese,etc…And I could use it´s wool to make clothes, plus, 2 sheep can reproduce so I would have all those resources longer.

  18. I have chosen:
    1- 2 sheep, because they proporcionate some food, milk to drink it and you can make clothes… with their wool. 10 points.
    2-The lighter to see at night. 10 points.
    3-A gun to protect me and to protect the sheep too. 10 points.
    TOTAL=30 POINTS!!!!

  19. Water: 10p. Because you can’t live without water!
    2 sheep: 10p. To give you some wool to make you clothes, to give you milk if you are out of water and meat to eat.
    1 dog: 10p. To protect your sheep.
    1 more thing: The milk and the meat’s sheep, you can use it to keep alive your dog.


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