European Day of Languages

Why doesn´t anybody speak English?

20 pensamientos en “European Day of Languages

  1. The two boys are not helpful because they speak english very well and they could help the girl but they say that they don’t understand her.

  2. That girl has a problem, and she found some boys
    that speak english very well, but the boys
    don’t want to help the girl.
    I thing that the boys can be more agrable with
    her, because if it happened that to the boy
    he wasn’t very happy with that!!!!!!!!1

  3. The woman of the video has a problem, that her car is broken down. She ask for a garage to two boys.
    At this moment starts the joke, the woman ask if they speak English, but the boys said no and the woman think that is true, but everybody speak English very well.
    I like this comedy jajaja…

  4. The boys don´t help her at all!
    I bet you (all) that if the girl asked for directions in Korean they would do the same, but in korean.
    Very funny comedy!!! I loved it!!!

  5. The two boys are being very bad with the woman,they speak a lot of english.
    I thing they are laughting of her.

    I like a lot this comedy.

  6. I am agree with Abril, the two boys can help that girl, and they said that they don´t speak english!!!!! when they were speaking english !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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